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Green Coast Co. 

Sanitsar I.D. mathematics, writer, designerand researcher clean technology field. 

POB 337, Ulaanbaatar-13, Mongolia.
Tel: 976-99867676
Email: sanitsar@gmail.com

Tackling climate change requires major economic, social and environmental transformations, most of which are interlinked. It raises complex issues about the way of life and technology.

We are researching company to reducing air pollution and contamination soil, water. We are developing new clean technology to produce rural housing urban zero emission named "Millennium wool house brand", with conserve energy and HH solar oven. Dramatic increasing soil and water emission and high concentrate air pollution the area poverty has no sophisticated hygienic, sanitary infrastructure. The location is one of key sources of pollution, infection and epidemic. In response to these phenomena we have focused on producing cheap technologies, land pollution-free toilet technology. We are developing new clean technology recycling waste into light weight aggregates durable for use as construction insulation material named BPS foam concrete. The BPS plate is being built in cell type construction by mathematical topology structure and empty space into the wall will filling by cheapest insulation waste materials some waste wool (saw dust, straw, etc). The BPS has very cheap and energy conserves quality. If our house is well insulated then opens the possibility to use advanced technologies and reduces smoke, pollute the air and not need to heat the oven by coal.
Also we are newly developed autonomy type sanitation system Santy Autonomy to eliminate contamination of the soil and water. This system consists of small water treat equipment for cleaning the sewage into grey water. It is also very cheaper and it possible to use in any rural housing urban zero emission. The clean water used only for washing and drinking. Contact valve boiler system giving opportunity decrease water using quantity. The toilet is almost dry, separating compost and urea.

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