The house without contamination

Tackling climate change requires major economic, social and environmental transformations, most of which are interlinked. It raises complex issues about the way of life and technology. Many organizations throughout the world are involved in activities for more environmentally sustainable development renewable energy generation, in energy efficiency services and equipment manufacturing, in mass transportation, in smart urban growth, in the reclaiming of brown-field sites and in recycling, green job, poverty reduction. Dramatic increasing soil and water emission and high concentrate of air pollution of UB city.


View during air pollution UB city.

Is a top issue that requires an efficient solution. Main emission source, 80% capital is from Ger areas. Severe deterioration of UB air environment due to ever increasing of the smog and dust emission of sub urban areas of city and by sewage exhausting.  Pollution   originates from the national shape dwellings Ger areas where heating is achieved by using, goal directly being released with no filter facilities. Each household have its own toilet waste collector point and  stove is estimated to 10 thousand liters of dirty water, use 3-5 ton, of raw coal and 2-4 cubic meter of fuel wood, 2.5 ton ash or scribes annually. Most of raw coal with high ash content is supplied from the local coal mines.
We want producing our clean product and introducing to Ger areas community. Mongolia is country with harsh climatic condition. The mentioned outskirt areas are inhabited mainly by poverty stricken families in their hundreds of thousands. The condition of poverty pushes them to increase use not useful kinds of fuels such as rubber tubs and others. Because winter times their home losing match of warm.
The area has no sophisticated hygienic, sanitary infrastructure.
Increasing soil and water emission and high concentrate air pollution the area poverty has no sophisticated hygienic, sanitary infrastructure. The location is one of key sources of pollution, infection and epidemic.
In response to these phenomena global climate change and is subject to rapid drying and desertification we have focused on producing cheap technologies, such as technology to recycle garbage and produce building insulation materials, land pollution-free toilet technology. The high level of air, water and land pollution is closely tied to poverty. I think the best way to fight against air pollution is conserve energy and minimize heat loss. It is possible to use any renewable technology in cheap housing that has no major heat loss.

Millennium wool house

We are developing new clean technology to reducing pollution and conserve energy, recycling of the wastes into light weight aggregates durable for use as construction producing insulation building material named BPS foam concrete and sewage treatment individual sanitation system and eliminate contamination of the soil and water Santy Autonomy. The BPS plate is being built in cell type construction by mathematical topology structure and empty space into the wall will fill by cheapest insulation waste materials some wool (saw dust, straw, etc). The BPS has very cheap and energy conserves quality. If our house is well insulated then opens the possibility to use advanced technologies and reduces smoke, pollute the air and not need to heat the oven by coal.           
By the BPS plate being brick in cell type construction, having empty space between them. The section is hermetically. The inner space shall be filled mixed mass some waste sawdust, waste wool, straw chops i.e.
Able the shelter habitats will live cheap good commodity condition and conserve energy and heat. If we can solved constructing warm and energy conserve house with cold weather proof wall we can next step regard decision other problem how heat the house in winter time. The utilization of solar energy for heating we using cheap cost parabola reflector and heating pipe, heat accumulation tank. If we are equip 2 m diameter parabolic mirror in focus we collect 400˚C heat on condition -20 C0 winter time during 8 hour per day. Throughout heating pipeline this collected heat power energy will moved to accumulation tank.  Accumulated heat energy soon used for heating inside life space home.
 If the house is well insulated then opens the possibility to heat house by HH solar oven (High temperature Heating Solar oven). 

The Santy Autonomy are newly developed autonomy type sanitation system to eliminate contamination of the soil and water. This system consists of small water treat equipment for cleaning the sewage into grey water. It is also very cheaper and it possible to use in any rural housing urban zero emission.
The water treatment individual sanitation system included follow schema.


The clean water used exclusively for washing and drinking. The sewage cleaning in water treatment equipment and resolve into grey water, after used on toilet, bed plant est.’s.  The toilet is almost dry, separate compost and urea. Economy water and sewage treatment individual sanitation system have tow tank. One is for clean water, other for grey water. Contact valve boiler system give opportunity decrease water using quantity. This system you can use winter time. Newly creating the water treatment independent green toilet sanitation system is to eliminate contamination.
Autonomy type sanitation tank is cleaning the sewage to besiege water by common flow. This small size equipment treats only the sewage into grey water.  Compost and urea collected in another two separated tanks.