A comet once sparkled in the sky


By Sanitsar Ishtseren
This work- an adventure and history novel  - was written based on the history of the establishment of the Great Mongolian State and its worldwide conquest. It tells the story about the conspiracy of Tului Khan’s wife Sorhugtani and Batu Khan against Guyug Khaan’s (Ugedei Khaan’s son) wife Fatima to prevent putting her son onto the throne.  The book is about the fate of a young man named  Gigleg who was part of this conspiracy and his brother Sobrag who takes part in Mongol conquest of Armenia, Turkey, Persia, Syria and Palestine. The book also describes how Gigleg’s childhood friends struggle against establishing a strong Roman Empire influence in Russia, Galicia, Poland, Bohemia and Germany as well as how the Mongol conquests unfolded in the lands of Sung Dynasty, South Asian jungle and Japan. At this time there was a fight among Khubilai khan and his brother Arigbuh khan for the throne of Great Mongolian Empire which had a tremendous impact on the livelihood of the peoples. The book demonstrates the world affairs and  traditions  from that time and shows the history of other civilizations, establishing new ways of communication and new intercontinental developments that later on laid the foundation of a new epoch in history of the humankind.
Published in Ulaabaatar, 1992. One volume. 250 pgs.
Copyright holder: Sanitsar Ishtseren, 1989.              

Огт оргүй орчлонгийн хязгаар

 Шинэ роман

Социализмаас зах зээлийн нийгэмд шилжих гэж самгардан, ашиг хонжоо хайж, авгай хүүхэдтэй самуурч, луйвардуулж, дампуурч, дэлхийн улс орнуудын хөгжилтэй хөл нийлүүлэх аядан яваа жирийн Монголчуудын хорин жилийн түүх



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